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Introduction [19 Feb 2016|02:11am]

Have you ever wanted to write for an obscure series but thought there was no point? Maybe you felt lonely doing it, or unmotivated due to the lack of audience. Whatever your reasons were, Be The First! challenges you to just go for it, and write for a fandom that has zero fics.

The aim is for this to be a friendly little community — even if we're writing for different fandoms, we can still provide support and company for each other. When deadline comes we'll have been introduced to new fandoms, and will have a very varied collection of fics to read through.

I hope you'll take part :)

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Fandom Promos [07 Mar 2017|12:39am]

Hi everyone, how's it going? Have you decided what fandom(s) to write for yet? If so, how about doing some pimping? :D

We've all chosen tiny obscure fandoms, needless to say. So by doing a little promoting you might be able to convince someone else to give it a try — or perhaps you'll even run into a fellow fan, who can't wait to read your coming fic.

Your promo can be long or short, and contain whatever you feel like. Want to post a couple of intriguing screencaps from a movie? Quote a few paragraphs from a book? Rec the best episode of a TV series? Talk about why you love your favorite character/pairing from your fandom? It's all good; anything goes!
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Sign-ups 2017 [21 Feb 2017|05:37am]

Hi there, and welcome to the second round of Be The First! Nothing has changed since last time; this is still a low-pressure challenge to write a fic, of any length, for a fandom that previously had none. That's it! If you want to take part, just reply to this post :)

The FAQ is right here, and I'd be happy to answer any additional questions you might have. The AO3 collection for this year can be found here, and I'll be putting up a fandom promo post in roughly a week (to give you some time to decide what to write for).

Quick rundown: You have two months to write. The deadline is at 23.59 GMT on the 20th of April, and the archive will go live at at 00.01 GMT on the 22th of April. You can submit up to two stories, as long as they are for different fandoms.

Last year we managed to write twenty-one fics, and my goal this year is to beat that. Let's go for it, guys! :Db
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Dates for the second round? [01 Jan 2017|10:22pm]

Hi there, it's a new year, and that means another round of Be The First! I hope everyone who took part the first time will be up for it again, and that there'll be some new faces as well. Let's aim for breaking the record we set last year, and create fics for even more fandoms this time :)

Now, I'd like to ask you guys about the schedule: Would you prefer retaining the one we had before (sign-ups start mid-February, stories go live towards the end of April), or get things going a bit earlier (moving it up a month, basically, with reveals being mid-March instead)? I'll include a poll with this post -- if you can't use it, please just leave a comment and I'll manually include your vote in the end tally.

Poll #2060590 Dates!
This poll is closed.

Which schedule would you prefer?

Same as last year, February to April.
Earlier, January to March.
Either one is fine!
Something else, which I'll tell you about in the comments.

ETA: Alright, it seems like most people would prefer the old schedule. So I'll see you back here in mid-February!
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Stories are now revealed! [02 May 2016|01:22am]

The collection is live! We ended up with a whopping twenty-one stories in all brand-new fandoms! Wow, you guys, that's really amazing! Good job, all of you :Db

Now, one important notice: Please do not check out the fics out via the fandom list page on AO3! Due to AO3's new policy about not wrangling fandom tags on unrevealed works, many of the stories will not show up on said page. Instead, I've compiled an alternative fandom list below. You can also browse the collection via the works page on AO3, where none should be missing.

Here is the list of all stories, ordered alphabetically by fandom:

Collapse )

Since these are all nonexistent fandoms I'm afraid readers will probably be in short supply. I hope we can all try to check out our fellow participants' stories, and comment where we can.

Thank you all for taking part ♥ I thought maybe one or two people would be interested, so I'm really blown away by the response. If you guys are up for it, maybe we can do another round of this challenge next year!
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Share a few lines [29 Apr 2016|05:36pm]

Time is ticking, which means you've now got less than two days to get your fic(s) in. Write like the wind!

For those of you who are finished, how about whetting our appetites? Share a couple of lines from your story, if you want! It's a fun way to give people a sneak peek and build excitement :)
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Extension? [16 Apr 2016|06:26am]

I've gotten several requests for an extension, so I wanted to make a quick post and ask how everyone felt about that. I wouldn't want to do it if this was an exchange, but I feel like there's a bit more leeway since it's a challenge... What do you guys think? I'm personally fine with extending the deadline -- I just worry that it'll suck for those who are going to be finishing their stories on time.

The extension wouldn't be very long; just till the end of the month instead of the 20th. So, if you're struggling, you'd have ten extra days to finish.

Please let me know ASAP if you have any objections (you can PM me if you'd so prefer). If no one minds, that'll be the new deadline. Absolutely no more extensions after that though, so please don't ask!

ETA: The majority were in favor of the extension, so that's what we'll do -- the new deadline is 23.59 GMT on the 30th of April. Sorry to those of you who are close to or already finished, I hope the extra wait won't be too annoying. You can always spend it writing a second fic for the challenge, if you haven't already done so ;)
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Check-in post [30 Mar 2016|04:08am]

Little more than half of the writing time has now gone by, so it's high time for a check-in post! (This was meant to be posted earlier, but due to some RL stuff my computer time has been very limited this month. That's also the reason for the delay in answering some of the recent questions. Sorry about that!)

So, how is it going? Have you started writing yet? Having fun, or is it rough going? Perhaps you're still having trouble deciding which fandom(s) to write for? Feel free to ask for advice, simply vent, or say anything else you want in here.

A few additional notes, while we're at it: The AO3 collection can be found here. It's my first time creating one, but hopefully everything is in order. I made it a subcollection, in case anyone's up for doing this challenge again next year ;3

Also, would you guys like a beta post? I figure people might have a hard time finding beta readers due to the obvious lack of an actual fandom, so it might be useful. You could both offer up your services, and/or specifically ask for help. Let me know!

A very kind participant has created Tumblr and Dreamwidth feeds, since a lot of people aren't keeping up with LJ these days. Many thanks to them for taking the time to do this!

Finally, a quick reminder of the deadline... The AO3 collection will close at 23.59 GMT on the 20th of April. The fics will be revealed at 00.01 GMT on the 22th of April. That extra day in between will serve as a buffer, partly in case anyone had a last-minute issue that prevented them from posting on time.
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Fandom Promos [21 Feb 2016|03:36am]

This post is a place for you to promote your chosen fandom. By pimping it you may be able to convince someone else to give it a try — or perhaps you'll even run into a fellow fan, who can't wait to read your coming fic.

Your promo can be long or short, and contain whatever you feel like. Want to post a couple of intriguing screencaps from a movie? Quote a few paragraphs from a book? Rec the best episode of a TV series? Talk about why you love your favorite character/pairing from your fandom? Anything goes!

Most importantly, please don't be shy. I'm really excited to see what everyone will be writing for, and — if at all possible — I'll do my best to check out your fandoms. And I'm sure I'm not the only one! So go for it :Db
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Sign-ups [19 Feb 2016|06:18pm]

So you want to be the first, huh? Way to go! All you have to do is reply to this post — and then do some actual writing, of course. If you already know what fandom you'll be writing for, do tell :)

After you've signed up, feel free to do some pimping over on the promo post.
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FAQ [19 Feb 2016|02:15am]

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